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Soft Grassy 8" (Soft Head)

Price: $28.95

Date Added: 29/09/2011 by Jarrod Day
REVIEWED BY JARROD DAY - Extract from Salt Water Fishing. (ISSUE 77)
Game anglers are always looking for that new lure that will out-fish all others, and after achieving plenty of success abroad it was only a matter of time before Richter Lures became a hit with Aussie gamefishos. For a few years now I have built my collection of skirted lures for offshore sport and game fishing and although I've had success with many different brands and models, the search for something new and innovative to try the next time out never ends. After spotting a new brand of skirts - Richter Lures - I of course had to give them a swim. The very next trip out chasing southern bluefin tuna off the south-western Victorian port of Portland, I sent a Richter Soft Grassy out into the spread to evaluate its performance. Now while this lure does not represent any extraordinary advancement in offshore lures - being a basically a 'pusher' style skirted lure similar to many other makes and models - what was exciting about the Soft Grassy was that FISH JUST ATE IT. It was the standout lure of the day and has continued to be so over further trips, even when trolled amongst a spread of other proven lures.

While the Richter colour range is somewhat limited, it is always increasing. The current colour range has been developed from extensive and continual field testing so you know the colours on offer are proven fish catchers. There is a myriad of lure designs within the Richter skirted lure range, each with its own unique features. But with tuna fishing making up a large part of my bluewater trolling activities, I have predominantly tested the small to medium size models. Of these I have found the Dorado, Soft Grassy and Oscar Jnr models to be the pick of the bunch for tuna.

Of course, Richter lures are also great for marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo and many other bluewater targets. Richter skirted lures are also very reasonably priced.
REVIEWED BY JARROD DAY - Extract from Salt Water Fishing. (ISSUE 77)
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